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Understanding backends in mobile development

What are the backends in mobile development? They are software pieces that frontend is not. To be precise, backend apps are there to be used by the frontend apps and not directly by humans. There is communication that comes from the frontend to the backend through the protocol on the internet, designed for communication between machine to machine without the interference of humans through lists, tables, or buttons.

As a frontend user, you might not even realize that there is a backend software that is assisting on your browser, phone, or whatever device you have. The data for backend are hosted on remote servers. They are always in opposition to frontend and runs on devices owned by frontend users.
The server where the backend is hosted can be a virtual cloud server, a physical machine or whatever platform that can be in a position to execute the remote task. The backend apps communicate to the frontend apps via the internet, having to exchange data in formats that are understood by the two. One server can handle a variety of frontend apps as we as multiple users.
You have to remember that the backend doesn’t refer to one server or application. It can be entire cooperating machines and apps. The backend is the one responsible for executing tasks which cannot be done by frontend mobile app. Which could be due to :
• Security reasons:When you don’t want the frontend app to get access to sensitive data.
• Store data: In case users wish to access their data like contact list, via a mobile app, or a browser app or get a list of a match like on dating sites.
• Communication: Where two users want to do their communication through a chat.
• Other technical reasons: There might be other reasons why you require a backend app

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