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Things to know about immigration Canada

You might have many questions regarding migrate to canada from dubai opportunities, the process of application and the immigration laws. To get the best answers, you need to go to a recognized immigration office.
Apart from the above questions being answered, they will provide you with any other information that might enable you to go to Canada. You will be explained to how immigration to Canada works.

Canada has been able to build a reputation over the last century of valuing multiculturalism and immigrants. One-fifth of the population in Canada are foreign-born, which is one of the ratios that are very high in the western industrialized countries.
Through the immigrants, the country has been helped to counter the fuel economy growth and aging demographics. In the recent past, Canada has turned to be a destination that is attractive for immigrants because the USA, through their president Donald Trump has restricted immigration programs including asylum seekers, refugees, and those coming to temporal work.
Who migrates to Canada and where do they settle?
It is a question that Canada immigration from Dubaiwill answer very fast. In 2019 alone, Canada was able to welcome over 340,000 fresh permanent residents. It is one of the highest numbers recorded. In the same year, the USA, which has a population that is about nine times more than that of Canada, only allowed about 577,000 permanent residents.
Most of the new immigrants to Canada come from India with many being skilled professionals. In the same year, Canada was able to admit over 800,000 international students and temporal workers. The leading destination for most immigrants has been Ontario. In 2019, about 45% settled in the province as permanent residents. A majority of them settle around Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

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