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Know More AboutThe Designer Of The Space

Different cultures and time demand different needs similarly one tradition is different from the other as it differs according to place. The rules for the burying of the corpse are also different in different places and it also varies with time. In earlier time Egyptian used to bury their corpse in a pyramidal structure having opened on different sides.

What are tombs for?
Tombs are a place where the corpse is kept. A tomb is not necessarily a pyramidal structure but it also carries different structures. The tombs contain the remains of the dead or a house for the dead. A tomb also contains certain things that are essential, useful, and useful to that deceased person. Before 4500 years ago, Egypt’s built their pyramids as tombs for their pharaohs. A tomb is built to make a person remembered for a long time, the best example is the Taj Mahal of India which was built by Shah Jahan for the remembrance of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

How are tombs built?
A tomb can be made of any size, shape, material. These details are given by those who want to get a tomb for any purpose to the pria tampan (thi cong lang mo da). The stones used in making tombs can be many like white stones, red stones, granites, marbles, bluestone yellow Stone, etc. The stones used are of high quality and are clear and polished so that they don’t crack completely while carving various figures on it. Choosing the best quality stone can ensure the tomb’s durability and beauty.

Those who want to hire a tomb designer to make a tomb, they should clearly describe the shape, size, and details that they want to be on the tomb. You can also provide a sample picture of a tomb to remove any kind of doubt. You can also provide materials for your tomb which ensures high-grade stones used.

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