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Know About The Legality Of Empire 777

In my opinion, skills cannot be confined to only dancing, singing, standup comedy, etc. instead skills are something that guides a person to achieve or earn his bread and butter. However, till today no law has been devised concerning online gambling is legal or illegal, the criteria that can be used for determining its legality should be based upon whether the gaming activity involves skills or it is just for fun and does not involve any money transaction. If the game does not fulfill either of the two criteria then it shall be considered as illegal.

Is Empire 777 legal?
Yes, though EMPIRE777 falls under the source of earning money through virtual gambling in a verdict passed by Supreme it was clarified that Empire 777 is a game of skills and it will be unfair to consider it as gambling. Hence online platforms can host empire 777 and people can continue earning through their skills.

What happens to the income?
As we learned in the aforesaid paragraphs that there is no clarity on whether online gambling is legal or illegal but the government in its capacity has taken effort to compel these players to declare any and every income earned from online gambling either through e-wallets or virtual cards whether in India or outside India and levy tax thereon. If the player fails to do so then their income will be considered as black money.

For the past few years, the online gaming industry has grown at a very rapid pace, and with this increasing growth, even the judiciary can understand its importance as it provides a platform to those people who possess such skills and wants to showcase them.

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