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ECDHub, the educational system that has proven to be most effective based on cartoons like your story counting numbers

Among the many advantages of the Internet, technology is that it has become a more versatile, fast, and stimulating learning tool than traditional ones. Due to the agility of digital media, virtual education does not suffer from lag because topics can be updated quickly and easily. These benefits make audiovisual media the ideal medium for imparting quality learning to children.
The unique ECDHub platform brings you an award-winning cartoon web-based education program for children ages 1-8. His team is made up of over 100 professional teachers who have been carefully selected, as well as artists who specialize in cartoon animation that number over 70. To help you with learning in mathematics, he gives you his fun game early childhood education

ECDHub has the age groups classified as 1 to 2 years, 3 to 4 years, 5 to 8 years. Very diverse subjects that are more than 20, such as Technology, Life Skills, Nutritional Needs, Science, Cognitive Development, Community, Experiments, Space Exploration, Mathematics, Motor Skills, Culture, and some more. Also find Continuing Education, Content for Mothers, Activities, and Content for Parents.
ECDHub is a comprehensive platform that includes mini-games such as counting numbers, learning videos, quizzes, and lessons. The contents are loaded daily and allows searching by subjects and by age groups.
The award-winning ECDHub program is designed to significantly boost children’s cognitive and motor development. The rich content is prepared according to age to expand the knowledge of your children, with a fun learning method. As the game shows counting numbers.
The professionals at ECDHub have designed a very valuable tool in the form of the game counting numbers. With this, children can interact and are attracted by its funny images. And they love the simple way to operate it while learning.
Used in more than 27 countries and more than 5,000 schools, the ECDHub Excellence for Learning program.

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